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    People don’t comprehend the life and feelings of working mothers, according to Anushka Sharma

    Anushka Sharma and her husband Virat Kohli welcomed their first child, daughter Vamika, into the world in 2021. Since then, the actress has resumed her commercial obligations and has begun training for her next sports flick Chakda Xpress. Anushka Sharma recently told Harper’s Bazaar that she is more than just a model. “rat in a rat race”. 

    When asked about the film industry’s work culture, Anushka stated, “My industry is all about, ‘run, run, run’—it’s a rat race, and you simply have to be part of it. But I’m more than a rat in a rat race. I want to enjoy my life. I enjoy acting in films, I enjoy being in a room full of creative people, discussing ideas, coming up with ways of doing a scene, and thinking about how the audience will react to it. It’s all so pleasurable; I never want to give it up.” 

    Anushka Sharma on motherhood and work-life balance
    However, the actress’s situation has changed now that she is a mother, and maintaining a work-life balance is critical. Anushka further on the topic, saying,  “Striking a work-life balance is certainly harder for women. I don’t think people understand the life and emotions of a working mother, because the world is so male-dominated. Heck, I’m a woman; even I didn’t understand it till I became a mother. Today, I have so much more respect and love for women, and such a strong sense of sisterhood. I’ve always spoken up for women, but to feel love and compassion for the cause makes it so much more powerful.” 

    The actress went on to say that workplaces could do more to encourage women. “I wish women received more support in their workplaces. While I know many men who are kind and empathetic towards women, the work culture itself can be so tough. I wish we collectively paid more attention to how nurturing a child is important for the world at large. And that is, probably, the complete opposite of our ‘go, go, go’ culture,” Anushka remarked. 

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