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    Pankaj Tripathi fulfils his childhood dream of playing a musical instrument

    Pankaj Tripathi is a tremendous actor. In 2020 too he managed to keep the audience in awe with his performance in Ludo and Criminal Justice 2: Behind Closed Doors.

    Not many know that he is also passionate about music. It was Pankaj’s dream to learn to play a musical instrument. As an artist who’s constantly looking to learn new things, Tripathi finally fulfilled his dream through Handpan.

    Pankaj recently posted a video on social media playing the beautiful musical instrument. He also claimed that he leart to play this in just five days, and that too all by himself.

    Tripathi’s and the story of Handpan

    “In 2017, our film Newton went to the Berlin International Film Festival and after we won an award there, I travelled across Europe and visited a museum in Poland one time. Right outside the museum, an artist playing the Handpan on the streets there caught my eye and so, I spent about half an hour just listening to him play and recording him. It was at that moment that the beauty of the instrument got stuck in my mind and I began a quest in search of it. Finally, after thee years of searching, I found a wonderful Handpan here in India and that’s what you see me playing in the video,” shares Pankaj.

    He says that he fell in love with the soothing sound of the instrument and would love to learn it properly. He has even found an experienced tutor in Pune who is willing to teach it online.

    We are looking forward to Pankaj sharing more videos with this instrument. What about you guys?

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