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    Neha Dhupia in her most No Filter version applauds OTT for revitalizing her career and opportunities to transform The Indian Entertainment Landscape

    Neha Dhupia, acclaimed actress and cultural icon, boldly reaffirms the pivotal role of OTT platforms in reshaping the dynamics of the Indian entertainment industry. In a recent statement, Dhupia declared, “Had there been no OTT, I would have been unemployed.”

    Dhupia’s journey into the realm of OTT began with her groundbreaking performance in “A Thursday,” a film she undertook while pregnant, garnering acclaim and accolades. Reflecting on this milestone, she remarked, “OTT has turned out to be a survival bait for many actors in current times.”

    In a thought-provoking panel discussion, Dhupia illuminated the seismic shifts catalyzed by the OTT revolution. “After the boom of OTT, the diaspora in Indian cinema and entertainment is completely changed for good,” she asserted. Despite the enduring allure of the silver screen, Dhupia underscored the transformative impact of OTT as a lifeline for performers across generations.

    Dhupia’s professional trajectory exemplifies the evolving landscape of entertainment consumption. Last year, amidst a solitary feature film, she was immersed in three OTT projects, a testament to the platform’s burgeoning influence. “OTT has brought a new lease of life to many senior actors,” Dhupia acknowledged, emphasizing the democratizing effect on opportunities within the industry.

    Amidst this transformative wave, Neha Dhupia embarks on new horizons, marking her international debut with “Blue 52” and venturing into the OTT realm with “Therapy Sherapy,” a project centered on mental health awareness. Additionally, she returns as the producer and host for the 6th edition of “No Filter with Neha,” one of India’s pioneering podcasts.

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