Thursday, June 20, 2024

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    Mika Singh Claims Kamaal R Khan Is ‘Banned’ In India

    Singer Mika Singh and KRK have been into an ugly fight ever since Salman Khan filed a case against Kamaal R Khan. On Sunday, KRK had released a new video as a response to Mika Singh. He posted the video on his Youtube channel.

    According to the recent report, Mika Singh claimed that Kamaal R Khan is banned in India. Mika Singh revealed that KRK cannot enter India, “KRK is banned in India. He cannot enter India. If this is not true, then KRK must step outside and claim it false, and make an official announcement as to when he is planning to return to India.”

    The singer further added, “I know this with security that KRK will not return to India because of two reasons — first, we have filed a case against KRK some year and a half ago.”

    Mika added and mentioned that he had sold two properties to his cousin “He (KRK) sold two properties to my cousin, one of those properties belonged to KRK and the second belonged to his brother. KRK signed the papers on his property, which is fine but he signed the paper of his brother’s property as well. When we filed the FIR, KRK admitted that he forged the signature and ever since he has been absconding.”

    Mika Singh further claimed that KRK has been served court notices on countless occasions, but he has ignored all of them. “KRK cannot return to India now. He is absconding and has been banned in India. KRK was banned in Delhi and Mumbai earlier, now he is banned in entire India. If he returns, he will get arrested,”

    KRK also took to his Instagram and lashed out at the singer. “My reply to rapist and Hawas Ka Devta Mika Singh.” KRK called Mika ‘suar’ aka Pig and ‘unpadh’ in his video. He spoke about Singh’s claims about him committing property fraud and reacted accordingly.

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