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    Malad Masti 2023: A Star-Studded Extravaganza with Sunil Grover, Sonu Nigam, Bhoomi Trivedi and Himansh Kohli

    The Malad Masti event held in 2023 featured prominent personalities such as comedian Sunil Grover, singer Sonu Nigam, actor Himansh Kohli, DJ Ramji Gulati ,Esshanya Maheshwari and singer Bhoomi Trivedi, among others. The event was organized by MLA Aslam Shaikh and took place on Sunday, December 17.

    Singer Sonu Nigam entertained the audience with his magical voice, performing the beautiful song “Papa Meri Jaan” from the blockbuster movie “Animal,” starring Ranbir Kapoor ,Bobby Deol and Rashmika Mandana . The crowd enthusiastically applauded his performance.

    Comedian Sunil Grover added humor to the event, expressing his amazement at the lively atmosphere in Malad Masti early in the morning. He praised the energy and enthusiasm of the people, stating that he had a great time entertaining them with his comedy.

    Actor Himansh Kohli made an entry with his hit song “Paani Paani” and also shared details about his upcoming short film “Gahvara.” The first look of Himansh Kohli from the film was unveiled on social media.

    MLA Aslam Shaikh, the organizer of Malad Masti, ensured that the event was enjoyable for everyone. Celebrities and guests extended their best wishes to Aslam Sheikh for successfully organizing the event and turning it into a spectacular and fun-filled occasion.

    It’s noteworthy that Malad Masti, in its 7th year, focused on honoring the families of freedom fighters. Aslam Sheikh, on the last day of Malad Masti, honored the families of those who sacrificed their lives during the fight for independence.

    Malad Masti, held near Inorbit Mall in Malad West, aims to provide a platform for people to enjoy various games, paintings, and activities. The concept behind organizing such programs is to encourage people to step out of their homes, witness new things, and enjoy life with enthusiasm. Malad Masti not only serves as an entertainment program but also connects people and families in a joyful environment, spreading awareness in society.

    MLA Aslam Sheikh has been organizing Malad Masti with great enthusiasm every year, and the presence of film stars adds glamour and enhances the grandeur of the event.

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