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    Kriti Sanon: On working after Mimi, “I feel like taking more risks and trying something new”

    Kriti Sanon has been enjoying the top position in the industry for a while now. The actress now opens up about her latest superhit film, Mimi.

    The Kriti Sanon interview | 'With films like Mimi, I get more comfortable  with the idea of growing as an actor'-Entertainment News , Firstpost

    Talking about handling a film like Mimi on her shoulders, Kriti said, “When Mimi came my way, it felt like the perfect film to take up. Yes, it did make me nervous because I was supposed to be in every frame of the film.  In case, I faltered anywhere, the entire film could fall apart.

    Additionally, Kriti stated, “the character was also emotionally heavy in the second half. I think those scenes satisfied me as an actor. I like being challenged and being in a situation that scares me.  Such situations make me nervous and I wonder how to do this.”

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    Meanwhile, talking about the shift in her roles since Mimi the actress reveals, “After Mimi, I got a lot of calls and messages. People started taking me a lot more seriously as an actor.  This is something that I felt after Bareilly Ki Barfi was released.  Prior to this film, I had only done glamourous roles. BKB was a little de-glam, people saw the actor in me more than my appearance. I have seen a certain shift in the kind of projects I was getting after that. With Mimi, I think it’s amplified.”

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    Adding about doing more versatile roles, Kriti Sanon said, “When an actor does a film that is centered around a female character and gets praised for it, the tendency is to get more such projects only. I don’t want to get typecast with any kind of limitations. I feel like taking more risks and trying something new. I want to give my audience something different to watch. And I will do so, but yes, that won’t stop me from doing other kinds of films.”

    Furthermore, Kriti expressed, “I want them to see me in all colors. I want to be in a completely mass entertaining film.  But at the same time, I also want to do a film that has a strong message.  The film says something important that I believe in.

    Kriti Sanon has a lineup of some of the biggest projects in her bag including, Shehzada, Bachchan Pandey, Adipurush, Ganapath and Bhediya.

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