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    Khushi Kapoor reveals her Childhood Playground Was the Movie Set – Catch her insightful journey into stardom

    Khushi Kapoor, the young star on the rise, recently shared some heartfelt memories from her cinematic childhood. In a recent interview, she spoke about her early days, growing up surrounded by the magic of movies, and how it has shaped her journey in the film industry.

    “I think it was all I knew when I was a kid because my playground was a movie set, and I think it is a blessing for me,” Khushi shared. “When my sister Janhvi and I were not on set, we would be at home enacting scenes and watching films. I have this specific memory of putting on Om Shanti Om at home, and I would do the wave that Shah Rukh Khan and others would do, making my cousin tie my dupatta on her bracelet to repeat the whole thing. Mom would hate to watch her own movies at home and would get shy and awkward, so we would end up watching them when she wasn’t around and re-enact funny things she would do in them. I remember the Charlie Chaplin impersonations we would make her do at home”, said the talented actress who is ready to make her own mark in the industry. 

    Khushi made her debut in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘The Archies,’ now available on Netflix, making her debut in the world of cinema. Beyond the silver screen, she’s already turning heads with her unique sense of style, establishing herself as a fashion icon.

    As Khushi Kapoor steps into the spotlight, she brings with her a love for films and a touch of nostalgia. Keep an eye out for this rising Bollywood star as she continues to shine both on and off the screen, adding her own chapter to the Kapoor family’s legacy in the Indian film industry.

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