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    Kangana Ranaut Hits Back At Trolls Who Claim She Pulled The Smoothie Bowl Pic From The Internet

    Kangana Ranaut is known for her controversy and online trolling. The actress recently hit back at trolls on Thursday after some netizens alleged that she had ‘copy-pasted’ a picture of a breakfast bowl from the Internet. Kangana thought of sharing a picture and giving her fans a sneak peek of her breakfast. Some netizens claimed that the picture was from the internet. Later she clarified that it was made by her and supported it with a picture of her holding the bowl.

    Kangana took to social media and posted the picture of a pink smoothie bowl loaded with fruits and honey, She tweeted, “There is nothing I appreciate more than self-made food, here’s my very own personal recipe a summer smoothie for breakfast with lots of organic honey nuts and fruits.”

    Kangana shared some more pictures of her breakfast and mentioned, “Hahahaha can’t believe some people are mistaking this picture from my van this morning for some international professional chef’s famous blog, I knew I am good but sooo good like a professional…. seriously had no clue. Thrilled to know I am awesome at everything that I do.”

    Kangana Ranaut hits back at trolls who tried to call her out for 'copy-pasting' breakfast bowl

    Several users shared screenshots of the website,, and claimed that Kangana has taken the picture from there. The website has a recipe to a similar breakfast bowl and not the same picture.

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