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    Ibrahim Ali Khan Birthday – Wishes by Sara Ali Khan and Kareena

    Sara Ali Khan also took to Instagram to wish her younger brother Ibrahim Ali Khan on his birthday. The Birthday boy turns 20 today.   A very special football-themed cake had been ordered by loving sister for Ibrahim. The boomerang video of the very unique cake was also posted by Sara Ali Kha on instagram in the middle of the night.  The video highlighted cutting of the cake with an oversized knife.

     It appears that Ibrahim is passionate about the game of football, contrary to hereditary rage in Cricket.  As per the grapevine sources Ibrahim is often disallowed to play football, so it does not come as a surprise that Sara chose to treat him to the cake.  The two tier cake looks wonderful with a ‘Chelsea’ football statue in the top tier, and Ibrahim’s club jersey on the lower tier.  The cake is precisely similar to the design of football which was used to represent the English Premier League club, Chelsea.

    Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan are one of the few Bollywood siblings that people in general can relate to.  The brother-sister happen to be quite close to each other and are somewhat open to exhibit their sibling bonding with their fans on social media.  Not only sibling bonding is displayed by Sara and Ibrahim, they are not enigmatic about sibling rivalry, fun filled fights and playfulness.  The brother and sister leave no opportunity of turning each other’s photographers during their time spent together.  The photographs are unabashedly flashed on social media.  Therefore, it is fairly natural that when little bro Ibrahim is celebrating his 20th birthday today, Sara had gone all out to make it distinct and there could not be anything more special than an exclusive customized cake.

    Kareena Kapoor also took to Instagram to post a lovely message for stepson Ibrahim Ali Khan.  Kareena has resorted to outright flattery by posting a nice picture of Ibrahim and captioning it “Happy Birthday Handsome”.    In the photograph posted by Kareena, Ibrahim looks quite dashing in an unbuttoned shirt, intensely looking into the camera.  Besides an interesting caption, the post by Kareena also has multiple stickers.  One of them reads “Hey Good Looking.” Though Kareena never fails to send birthday message to his close ones, this was quite adulated.

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