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    “I would be afraid that people would make fun of me. It took me years to understand that you can’t afford to be afraid” – Boman Irani in his powering speech at Oxford

    Rightly so man of the moment right now, the acclaimed actor Boman Irani has returned from a successful Indo-UK Summit in London. His presence and impactful words at prestigious venues like Oxford University, The British Parliament, and The Indian High Commission have not only brought pride to India but have also served as an inspiration to many. During his visit to Oxford, Boman Irani delivered a memorable speech and received felicitation from Dr Aditi Lahiri for his influence beyond cinema. Reflecting on his life journey, the actor shared noteworthy moments, from childhood experiences under his mother’s encouragement for theatre to his diverse roles, including working as a photographer.

    Opening up about his childhood and dealing with stammering, Boman Irani said, “I was dyslexic and I used to lisp a lot and every time I spoke everybody used to laugh. I would be afraid that people would make fun of me. It took me many years to understand that you can’t afford to be afraid.”

    He further added, “One day in school, there was a concert and my mother saw me smiling and singing away. That’s when she realised that I like to be on stage in front of an audience and she encouraged me, even though my marks weren’t great. She encouraged me to go to the theatre, to go to the speech therapist, and to go and see cinema every day because my education happened through cinema. She saw it in my eyes that I love that world.”

    Boman Irani, with his humility and encouraging words, shared with students how ethics, focused vision, and hard work can lead to earning rewards and fulfilling dreams throughout life.

    Inspiring indeed!

    On the work front, Boman Irani is set for his directorial debut with a project he has written, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further details.

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