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    Filmygyan being the most followed Bollywood page on Instagram

    Not so long ago, social media was considered a medium to interact and network with near and dear ones. In the digital era, it has changed the game and has gone one step further. In today’s time, it is a major platform for brands and content creators from different fields. When we talk about Bollywood and entertainment, various media houses and entertainment portals are creating exceptional content. But one name that has been dominating the internet is Filmygyan.

    The media company has built its presence digitally like no other, thanks to its outstanding content. Behind the incredible success of this company is its brainchild Aftab Khan, a media entrepreneur. Understanding online trends, Aftab has always put weightage on creating content that is relatable and informative to the audience. Perhaps, that is one of the key reasons behind Filmygyan having a family of almost 15 million followers on Instagram.

    It is by far the biggest fan following any Bollywood public page has on Instagram. Well, to understand the golden rules behind the page’s success, Filmygyan has always stayed away from low-quality content. Simplifying low-quality in layman’s terms, Aftab Khan says, “The creative team at Filmygyan does not encourage low-resolution pictures or videos. As an end-user, we look for quality, and that has been our primary aspect since day one.” Along with it, Filmygyan focuses on social media aesthetics to boost its presence online.  In simple words, it has been sticking to the platform-specific content as per the said dimensions like 1:1 or 4:5 size posts for Instagram.

    Another important rule followed by the brand is that it has timely upgraded with the latest innovations. “For media coverage and other shoots, we use advanced camera tools for capturing pictures or recording any content. Even for editing, we make sure to stand out by adding some unique elements in our videos”, reveals Aftab. Looking at the feed of Filmygyan, the brand has been following a pattern of uploading content as per the latest social media trends. 

    Lastly, the major traffic drawn by the page is through audience engagement. Creating interactive posts with call-to-action post copies has seen the engagement of Filmygyan in crazy numbers. Following the above rules and exercising it consistently has seen the Bollywood page become the most followed page by fans and celebrities. With a weekly reach of 30 million on Instagram, Filmygyan has unarguably created a storm on social media.

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