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    Fans remark on how gorgeous Priyanka Chopra looks in a pink outfit during the Los Angeles premiere of Citadel

    Following their hosting of premieres in Mumbai, London, and Rome, Priyanka Chopra and the Citadel crew have lately been spotted taking over Los Angeles.

    Priyanka Chopra, an international actress, is presently busy promoting her next series, Citadel. She will appear in the Russo Brothers’ television series starring Stanley Tucci and Richard Madden. In Mumbai, the pair launched their promotional efforts. Following hosting the premieres in Mumbai, London, and Rome, the Citadel crew has lately been spotted taking over Los Angeles. The Internet has been overrun with Priyanka’s photos and videos from the LA premiere.

    Priyanka was shown glimmering on the red carpet in a pink satin dress in the viral photos and videos. When it comes to style, the actress never fails to dazzle. She was wearing a dress with a slit, and it made her appear oh-so-glamorous. She streamlined her appearance with straight hair, flawless makeup, and few accessories. She let her stylish demeanour and dimpled grin speak for itself. Look at this: “Oooooh I LOVE THIS DRESS.” Another fan commented, “No matter what she wears she always looks so beautiful love you priyanka so much.” One of the comments also read, “GODDESS Stunning.”

    Her admirers went into a frenzy once the videos were posted online. a supporter messaged, She said, “We knew how big this show was. We have this thing called the war room in the studio, which is incredible. It was basically print outs and renderings of all the sets of the whole show. You will see in episode 6 it gets unbelievable how large the things that we created.”

    She added, “So the whole room, which was like a large banquet hall. It had renderings all around of the sets of the show, scenes of the show, and we used to sit and do our readings and character notes, and everything inside that room. We always knew the gravity of the show and how large it was going to be, and also the Russos do so much more than just the Avengers. They do so many other features and different kinds, so I don’t think they ever used references, but they were very clear in articulating what the show was, and it was very easily, visually available to us.”

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