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    Dino Morea: It is scary when you have to wait for good work and stop saying yes to rubbish, mediocre films

    Actor Dino Morea talks about why money is equally important while maintaining one’s focus on the craft. Dino Morea understands the importance of money.  He is very sure that one can only focus on one’s talent when the financials are sorted. Dino Admits that there have been times when he wasn’t sure if he will ever get work again.

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    As a result, he has felt that the wait for the next project is “scary”. “It is a tough time in your life, especially when this is the career path you have chosen. There are times when you decide to say yes to mediocre films.  Despite being certain that these roles are not going to help you in any way.

    Furthermore, at times one makes a conscious decision to say no. Even then,  at the back of your mind, you also have your insecurities.  You feel,  ‘oh God, will I ever even work again?’,” Dino Morea shares.

    Additionally, Dino Morea revealed that the aforementioned prompted him to get into production. His debut film as a producer, Helmet, was released on an OTT platform.  He skipped the theatrical release of the film owing to the pandemic.

    Simultaneously Dino Morea worked on himself every day.  “You want to stay in the industry and stay relevant.  I had been prepared so that in the event of somebody offering me something. I go there. That opportunity came my way in the form of a web show “The Empire”.

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    Moreover, the actor was upfront that there are tough moments. “You need to keep doing other things. You need to make money, you can’t live off fresh air,” laughs Dino Morea.

    Apart from acting, Dino tried his hand at a couple of businesses. They were hits and misses. He says, “Some didn’t succeed, some did. You can’t be stuck every day, waiting. The tough part is being relevant in the film industry.  And at the same time, doing something that is totally different. This is because you are trying to earn money. Only I would know the hardships.”

    Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan once said ‘Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich.’  Dino Morea agrees with it and goes on to say, “When you are in a position of hunger, you can’t say you want to only focus on craft. You can only say that in a position of money. You have to make ends meet. If you think you are going to get by without that, it is a tough one.”

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