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    Bobby Deol Inaugurates Gateway School Integration Center, Expresses Heartfelt Dedication

    Bollywood actor Bobby Deol truly is a man with a heart of gold as he inaugurated the Intervention Center for the Gateway School of Mumbai on 27th Feb.

    Emphasizing his unwavering dedication to the development of specially challenged kids. Bobby, closely associated with the school for the past 12 years due to his friendship with the school’s founder, Indira, expressing his sincere gratitude for being part of this meaningful journey.

    “I never knew anything about kids with special needs as a child. When I grew up and got more mature, I understood that these kids have issues no one can understand,” shared Bobby Deol, reflecting on the transformative journey. He highlighted the founders’ struggle, stating, “*I’m really inspired by their vision and it’s all thanks to the Bodani’s. Their son Yuvraj was the reason behind gateway starting. They actually shifted to New York for 10 years because they didn’t have proper institutes to take care of kids with special needs in India. However they couldn’t stay away forever, when they decided to come back there was no scope for the kind of therapy and treatment required which is why they decided to start the Gateway School.”*

    He also added and shared gratitude for the institute saying, “I feel very proud to be here today at Gateway where they are bringing all special needs doctors and therapy under one roof. It is such an achievement,” he remarked. He shared touching stories of transformation, saying, “I have interacted with all the kids here, and I have seen them change. Anirudh is now the head of the Art Class, and my Yuvraj is the best chef in town, he makes the best crème brûlée. I’m very proud of Indira. It is a dream come true for all the kids in the institute.”

    Speaking about his special bond with the kids, Bobby Deol shared, “I’ve been with these kids for years and years. They come to my house for functions, and lucky for me, they get excited to meet actors. So we are able to interact and teach them things too.” He acknowledged the support from fellow actor Salman Khan, stating, “Even Salman Khan had been very kind to the kids and come to school to interact with them. He also knows them very well, and I’m grateful for how much love he has given them too.”

    Bobby Deol’s continuous support and dedication to the cause of special needs children make him an inspiration many. The Intervention Center at Gateway School of Mumbai is a testament to his commitment to creating a nurturing environment for the development of these incredible kids.

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