Thursday, April 18, 2024

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    BellBottom: Akshay Kumar starrer ‘banned’ in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait


    There had been considerable delay in the release of Akshay Kumar starrer BellBottom. At last, the film had a theatrical release in India and selected cinemas abroad on August 19. And now, the film has been apparently banned in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait.

    Reportedly, the second half of the film “BellBottom” shows that hijackers take the aircraft to Dubai from Lahore. The film is based on the actual incident that took place in 1984.  The then UAE Defence Minister had handled the situation. Whereas the movie portrays Indian officials carrying out heroic operations. 

    Therefore, it is presumed that the Censor Board in the Middle Eastern countries must have objected to it.  Hence the movie was banned due to the content unfit for exhibition.

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