Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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    Another Lockdown In Maharashtra If Covid Situation Worsens, Celebrities Like Jackie Shroff, Pooja Bedi, And Pratik Gandhi Reacts To The Same

    Last year, covid-19 has brought the whole world to stand still. Everyone has been asked to stay at home to stay safe and avoid infection. Later on, people were caution to the wind and resumed life. After months of unlockdown, certain parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, have registered a spike in Covid cases once again. Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray has said he was worried about the severity of a second wave if it hits the state, which has recorded nearly 52,000 deaths since the Covid-19 pandemic began. “The simple mantra is wearing a mask, follow the discipline and avoid lockdown. We will review the situation again in the next eight days and decide on lockdown.”

    In an interview, Etimes spoke to some Bollywood celebrities on the current situation. While speaking to ETimes, Jackie Shroff said, “What can I say about people who’re being callous? Who will listen to me? If you value your life, you must wear a mask.” He added that his fans ask him to remove his mask, but when he refuses, they feel offended.  Pooja Bedi reveals that the hysteria around Coronavirus is disproportionate. “The infection rate makes no difference, the death rate does. India, with a population of 1.3 billion has seen 156K deaths due to covid and its associated co-morbidities. Tuberculosis kills almost 500K (over 3 times more than Covid) yearly in India and we never locked down or wore masks or put the economy at a standstill,” She said that the loss of jobs amid the pandemic, lack of exercise, stress and other such factors have caused much more damage than COVID-19 has.

    Pratik Gandhi says, ‘I have seen people in public places without masks and that’s the most irresponsible behavior to inflict harm on themselves and others. I know we all have to start working at some point of time but we also need to understand the basics of the ‘new normal’ and learn to live with all precautions being taken at every step.

    Sumeet Vyas said, ‘People have become casual about COVID. What’s the need to party with 150-200 people? The worst is when people have mild fever and flu-like symptoms and venture out without testing for COVID after popping an antipyretic? How foolish is it! Who gives them the right to endanger other’s lives?

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