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    Ananya Pandey Opens Up On Being Skinny: I Was Called Chicken Legs And A Flatscreen

    Popular actress Ananya Pandey ventured into acting with the leading roles in the film, ‘Student of the Year 2’. Even before she stepped in the industry with ‘Student Of The Year 2’, Ananya was often been bullied on social media. She was being skinny-shamed where people used to say that she looks like a boy.

    Ananya Pandey Spotted in Short Blue Dress in The Town | Dubai vacation,  Blue dress short, Beautiful girl indian

    Recently in an interview, Ananya opened up on being slim-shamed by people around her and how she was disturbed her mentally.

    She revealed, “I don’t remember the exact time but I remember there used to be pictures of me with my parents. At that time, I wasn’t an actor. I would go out with my parents and as I said, I was very thin. People used to say I look like a boy, a flatscreen and all those kinds of things,”

    The actor further says, “At that time, it did hurt because those are the times when you are forming your self-confidence and you are learning to love yourself. And then, when you feel like someone else is pulling you down, you start doubting yourself, the way you look, and everything. But I feel like now, slowly, I am reaching a point where I am just focussing on accepting myself.”

    Ananya had spoken about being trolled for just about anything, “When I initially started, I was dressing in a way that probably made everyone happy. But now I think the way that I dress makes me happy. As I said in the start, as long as I am happy and comfortable, it is all that matters. When it comes to trolling, now I am just like, anything I do or wear, I am going to get trolled anyway. So it’s fine, as long as I am happy and comfortable. I have made it to Diet Sabya and I have been questioned on what I am wearing but that is something that I don’t actually obsess over or anything. As long as I am happy and I get good pictures to put on my Instagram, I am fine,”

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