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    Adhyayan Suman: My Relationship With Kangana Ranaut Was ‘Toxic’

    Sometime back, Adhyayan Suman made several revelations about Kangana Ranaut.  Adhyayan Suman is the son of Shekhar Suman and Kangana’s ex-boyfriend. In fact, many found his opinion “a publicity tactic”.  Adhyayan did not pay much attention to such allegations.

    Adhyayan and Kangana were in a relationship from 2008-2009. Adhyayan said in an interview in 2016 that Kangana used to take drugs.

    The actor has once again opened up about his relationship with the actress.  Adhyayan is talking about his past relationship because he wants “emotional closure”.

    Additionally, Adhyayan feels that the relationship was toxic.  Adhyayan said, “I think there is a lot that happened in that particular relationship, emotionally.” As he was quite young at that time, some things stayed with him for very long. “Whatever happened, for many years it was difficult for me to get over. I have asked myself time and again, ‘Why did I move forward with this? Why did I allow this to happen?’.”

    Most importantly, Adhyayan feels that one has to move on after a point. He also shared how his father, Shekhar Suman, helped him overcome the break-up phase. “My father always tells me ki koi bhi achcha ya bura nahi hota. When you come in a relationship with somebody, maybe you are just not meant to be with each other, This thought helped me move forward in life” he said.

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