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    Munawar Faruqui gets emotional sharing how he lost his mother to suicide; shares the difficulties he faced since a young age

    It is no secret that Bigg Boss 17 can bring a whirlwind of emotions for the housemates. The recent episode left Munawar emotional as he looked back at a difficult phase of his life.

    As fans geared up to watch the Shukravaar Ka Vaar, no one expected that Munawar will reveal a very personal period of his life. While talking to fellow contestants Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt and Rinku Dhawan, Munawar was seen talking about his journey and how life has been tough for him since he was young.

    He revealed that he lost his mother to suicide, and the trauma of the incident was visible as Munawar told his story. He went on to talk about how they also had a load of around 3500 rupees, and at that time such an amount felt very humiliating. He then had to leave school at the age of 13 and start working in order to run his household. This story left Neil, Aishwarya and Rinku shocked.

    Through this moment, it is evident that Munawar is not one to let setbacks come in the way of life, but instead shows how he chooses to fight back. This spirit makes Munawar special and is why fans love him so much. He will also certainly inspire so many people who are watching.

    We are sure that Munawar Faruqui will continue to overcome the various challenges of the house, and get stronger and win the trophy of Bigg Boss 17!

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