Friday, July 19, 2024

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    Bigg Boss 17: Captain Munawar Faruqui unveils Ankita Lokhande’s rule violation in front of housemates; gets her special services cancelled

    Fans are still talking about Munawar Faruqui’s stand-up comedy show in the Bigg Boss house this week. Viewers also saw him achieving another huge accomplishment in the house- becoming the first captain of the season!

    Immediately after becoming the captain, his duties began! Bigg Boss called Munawar Faruqui to the archive room. He asked Munawar to listen to an audio of a conversation between Ankita Lokhande and her doctor, who visited the house for her check-up. In the audio, Munawar heard Ankita asking the doctor some questions about the outside world.

    This left Munawar shocked and then Bigg Boss asked him what he would like to do about it as a captain of the house. Munawar said that this is unfair as no one knows what is happening about the outside world so Ankita’s question to the doctor was definitely not right. Bigg Boss told Munawar that as the captain, he has the power to decide the outcome for Ankita after her action.

    After his talk with Bigg Boss, Munawar addressed the housemates regarding what happened and most of the contestants also felt that this is unfair. Munawar suggested that the special services of Ankita and Vicky be cancelled. A heated debate took place and a vote was taken regarding Ankita’s services and they decided to cancel her services. The discussion then moved to Vicky’s services and the housemates decided that his services can continue with Bigg Boss’ supervision.

    Munawar’s responsibilities as captain began immediately after he got his position, and fans are looking forward to seeing how he carries out his role in the next week.

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