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Ever since she entered Bollywood Priyanka Chopra has been many controversies. Her spiced up life has kept feeding media to keep her relevant to the times and made her the controversy queen. Priyank is currently an international celebrity ad married to an American pop singer and heartthrob Nick Jonas who is ten years younger to her.  In a career that spans over a decade Priyank Chopra’s name has become synonymous with controversy

2003 AITRAAZ: The beginning of her alleged affair with Akshaya Kumar

Right after her debut movie ‘The Hero’ Priyanka did a Film with Akshaya Kumar. The sizzling scenes in the movies got Priyanka and Akshaya close to each other and they could not keep themselves away from you. This off-screen romance was quickly spotted by the media and the their got viral. Stories of Priyanka and Akshaya Kumar became the hot news of Page 3. Twinkal did not wasted any time to deal with this controversy and barred Akshay from working with Priyanka. Right after the movie took off the actress went on to have a nose job. And yet again she was in headlines.

2008: LOVE STORY 2050

Priyanka made headlines with Haraman Baweja even before the movie released when she refused to kiss Herman Baweja for a scene. Later the news of their relationships stole headline and was on every new column. After the flop of the movie the actors drifted apart.

2007: International Love

It was the time Priyanka’s career was at it worst, her flops films were shutting down her career but the actress came back in headlines because of the growing infatuation of Hollywood actor Gerard Butler for her. Priyanka threw a party in her Versova flat when the actor visited India. During that party Priyanka kissed Gerard in front of her boyfriend Shahid Kapoor. The news about the kiss spread like wild fire and Priyanka was talked about in Hollywood as well. According to sources, whenever Gerard visited India to meet Priyanka he would stay at her house. They both remained in the news for quite a long time. Soon after this incident Priyanka signed up ‘Fashion’ the film which got her career back on track.

2009: Brief Affair with Shahid Kapoor

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor came close to each other during the shoot of Kaminey. The chemistry between both actors gained the most attention when they appeared at Koffe with Karan. The couple was often spotted at events together and was also seen in spending some quality time alone.

2011: Shahrukh Khan and IR

During her relationship with Shahid, IR raid Priyanka’s house and the door was opened by the none other than Shahid Kapoor who was wearing nothing but his boxers. In the same year the actress again grabbed the headline when she came close to King Khan during the shoot Don 2. This news made Priyanka the talk of talks.

2012: Marrying Shahrukh khan  

The video of Shahrukh and Priyanka surfaced the on internet where the actress had kept her hands in Shahrukh’s jean’s pocket. Later that year the rumours of her marriage with King Khan Grabbed headlines. According to rumours the Priyanka’s father’s health was critical and he wanted to see his daughter get married, that night itself kazi was called and a secret marriage was arranged between SRK and Priyanka. That year Priyanka landed a film barfi and was applauded by the critics for her work.

2013: Tom Hidillton and VMA

This year Priyanka again gave multiple flop film but her music albums with American pop stars kepts her news. She also landed her voice to Disney character Ishani in the movie planes. During 2013 VMA awards Priyanka grabbed headlines for when she was spotted getting cozy with the Loki aka Tom Hidiliton. Her albums with Pitbull and gave her international coverage.

2015: Quantico

Videos of Priyanka kissing her co-star was leaked from Quantico. Interestingly the actress who abstain from on screen kissing seen this time did not hesitate kissing her co-star and not just that the video got leaked, it’s is a little hard to believe hard to believe.

2016: Armpit Controversy

In her cover picture of renowned magazine Priyanka was seen faulting her flawless armpits. The armpit was so impeccable that it stirred international controversies.

2017: Perfect Beachboy

During the shoot of Baywatch Priyanka’s pictures Priyanka’s bikini photos were leaked in which the actress could be seen chilling with Victoria’s Secret Angle Adriana Liam as she flaunted her body. The Photos gained a lot of headlines.


2018: Nick Jonas friend to Husband.

The actress yet again stirred contrives when she arrived at Met Gala American pop singer Nick Jonas. By the end of 2018 Priyanka Grabbed headline again for marrying Nick Jonas who is 10 years younger to her.

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